Tenders and contests

Results of the contest of Zharma region’s akim machinery for the 1st October, 2011

On the basis of state law "About the State Procurement" held an open contest of maintenance of a large conference room, a bathroom and a flight of stairs in a building of the Akimat of Zharma region. State Procurements for this lot are not held in the connection with this has been sent for Director of Limited Liability Partnership "Жарма құрылыс Газ"- Isabayev V.S. The invitation to participate in the state single source procurement.

On the assimilation of state procurement has been drawn up from the way a single source supplier and drafted an agreement for $ 16 million 265 thousand 081 KZT. On the basis of the contract prepared by the state procurement of April 21, 2011 30% of the above funding, or 4 million 879 thousand 324 KZT was transferred to the account of organization "Жарма құрылыс Газ" LLP.

Current repair of a large conference room, bathroom and staircase was made according to the estimated calculations and the work made qualitatively.
Based on the contract of the State Procurement and funding from the local budget June 30, 2011 account fund balances were transferred to the organization "Жарма құрылыс Газ" LLP.