Social protection

Work of department of employment and social programs

Information about the work done by employment and social programs department of Zharma region for 8 months of 2011

In the region living 46.3 thousand people of them the economically active population - 26.0 thousand employed population - 24.8 thousand people, the unemployed - 1227 people, including the officially registered unemployed - 169 people, the unemployment rate - 4.7% of officially registered unemployment rate - 0.7%.
In paid public works on September 1, 2011 participated 1129 unemployed, the allocated funds to their organization in the amount of 24301.0 thousand KZT fully utilized, additional co-financing by employers allocated 612.0 thousand KZT.
According to the program "Youth Practice" to work is directed 34 young professionals, including the "road map business 2020", two experts employed, on a permanent job 3 people.
The training is directed 124 unemployed, of them completed the 100, continue their education 20.

On September 1, 2011 created 570 new jobs. With the assistance of experts of the Department employed 1002 unemployed.
To social work places among the unemployed, 22 people is directed to the IE «Оспан Құндызай» - 2, IE «Қоспанова М.» - 1, IE «Жолумбетова М.» - 1, IE «Аман Есен» - 2, IE «Дарья» - 2, PA «Жуантөбе» - 3, PA «Аскар» - 2, PA «Райхан» - 2, PA «Әділ» - 3. At the end of the contract term will be employed
In 2011, under the "road map" in the region through the implementation of 16 projects will open 154 new jobs.
Currently, under the "road map" for implementation of 16 projects were open 78 jobs, provided resources to their organization is in the amount of 140 571.0 thousand KZT.
In the region implementing the project "Establishment pupils work means." The project objective is to reduce the number of unemployed and poor output from a pool of the unemployed poor. To start the project signed an executive order of akim about a working group, developed an algorithm for action.

To participate in this project, by the department of employment and social program directed 6 unemployed. 3 people signed a contract with LLC "Georgievka factory of pumping equipment."
In the project "Organization of vegetable teams" involved 116 people in 10 rural counties. 40.15 hectares of land planted with cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes, beets, peppers, potatoes. At this time, watering and cultivation are conducting.
State targeted social assistance at September 1, 2011 appointed and paid 349 families with 1463 family members in them in the amount of 16 500.5 thousand KZT. On the date in 2010, 449 families in 1502 and designated recipients paid 12 572.4 thousand KZT (down to 2.6% of recipients).

State aid for families with children, appointed and paid in 1107 for families with children in 2575 including 23 524.5 thousand KZT. In 2010, 3329 children from 1460 families paid KZT 29 999.4 (a decrease of recipients - 22.6%).
Housing Benefit to September 1, 2011 appointed and paid 123 families with 393 recipients in which 2 517.0 thousand KZT. In 2010, this date-90 families with 431 recipients the amount of 2 000.0 thousand KZT (decrease of 8.8% of recipients).
The number of needy citizens decreased and amounted to 2484 or decreased by 3%.
From the budget area due to the appreciation of food prices paid by financial aid to needy citizens 1300 to sum of 9432.8 thousand KZT (0.6 MCI).
According to the decision local executive authorities in 2011 provided material assistance to citizens to 2506 amount of 6842.6 thousand KZT.

Annually held subscription to periodicals «Егеменді Қазақстан», «Казахстанская правда», «Дидар», «Рудный Алтай», «Калба тынысы», «Кала мен дала», «Страна и мир», «Ветеран», «Зейнеткер-пенсионер» for veterans, disabled and needy citizens, for these purposes in the area spent 812.17 KZT to 678 copies.
249 veterans and equivalent paid monthly at the 2.0 and 5.0 thousand tenge financial assistance for communal services 6 296.0 thousand KZT.
Mothers of large families awarded hanger «Алтын алқа», «Күміс алқа»,and received «Батыр ана» title, mothers with four or more children, providing one-time assistance in the amount of 5.0 thousand KZT to 16 440.0 thousand KZT.

For the payment of lump-sum compensation (polygon) from 37 persons documents accepted and transferred to the State Center for Pension Payment.
Within the «Нұрлы көш» program on the East Kazakhstan region, carried out awareness-raising and agitation work on help of the resettlement and arrangement of the participants of the regional program for 2009-2011 year.
For a pilot program in our region for distribution list are 40 families of repatriates.

At present, applied for a move 64 families who came from Oralman China and the MPR, they have handed over full package of documents and received a positive assessment by the decision of the housing commission.
To date have on the program «Нұрлы көш» 50 families signed a contract with Zhilstroysberbank, of them 50 families have moved. Remaining 7 families are engaged registration of contracts with Zhilstroysberbank.
7 oralman families have applied for the exception of the participants in the pilot program «Нұрлы көш» for various reasons.
To the following session of the commission passed the documents 11 families.
According to the decision of local executive authorities in 2011 provided material assistance to citizens in 2506 in the amount of 6842.6 thousand KZT.

As of 1 September 2011 to individual rehabilitation program provided assistance 22 persons with disabilities - prosthetic and orthotic care, 7 invalids - typhlo-technical tools, 4 invalids - wheelchairs, 30 invalids - hygiene products, 17 persons with disabilities focus on health resort treatment.