Departments of the region

Department of business, agriculture and veterinary science

The chief - Karimov Zhakan Kaparovich

Was born on April, 6th, 1951 in Marinovka village of Zharma region Semipalatinsk area. Nationality - Kazakh. Has higher education. In 1988 has ended the Kazakh award of the Labour Red Banner agricultural institute as an agriculturist. From 1969 till 1971 served to the Soviet Army. In 1974 has ended Talgar agricultural technical school as an agriculturist. From 1974 till 1988 senior, then the main agriculturist in Zhangiztobe state farm.
From 1994 till 1997 worked as the deputy director on Agricultural machinery manufacture. From 1997 till 1999 worked as the deputy director on manufacture in Open Company "Достык". Since March till November, 2001 worked as the expert on branch "Phytosanitary". From 2001 till 2005 he worked as chief specialist in plant protection of Territorial Administration Ministry of Agriculture. From February till March, 2005 the chief specialist of department of agriculture and ground relations of the Zharma region. Since March, 2005 the chief of department of agriculture. In December, 2010 he is appointed by the chief of department of business, agriculture and veterinary science. Married. Has three children.


The address:village Kalbatau Dostyk Street 105
Phone: 8 (723 47) 65-580
Days of reception: daily from 9-00 till 18-00 o'clock