Departments of the region

Physical training and sports department

The chief - Avgambaev Timur Sapargalievich

He was born on March, 15th, 1962 in Ajaguz city of Semipalatinsk area. Has higher education. In 1979 he worked as the stone mason in PMK-2209 of "Semipalatinskselstroi” trust. In May, 1980 has been called to the Soviet Army. He served in military-building armies in Turkestani military district. In May, 1982 has been demobilized from numbers of the Soviet Army. In August, 1982 has returned for work in PMК-2209. In November, 1982 has arrived on preparatory branch of mechanics faculty and the applied mathematics of KazGU named by Kirov. Since 1985 he worked as the stone mason in "Medeostroi" of trust "Alma-Atakulstroj" in Alma-Ata city. Since April, 1986 he was appointed by the head of a chess circle of Zharminsky regional Recreation center. Since October, 1986 has started to work in the Zharma regional newspaper "For abundance" as the proof-reader, then the correspondent, the head of department, the assistant to the editor. Since 1999 he worked as the methodologist in culture and sports department. Since January, 1st, 2000 he was the chief specialist of department of culture and sports. Since 2004 he is the chief of department of physical training and sports.

Married, father of two children.

The address:Kalbatau village Dostyk Street 98
Days of reception:daily from 9-00 till 18-00 o'clock
Phone:8 (723 47) 65-339