Departments of the region

Department of economy and budgetary planning

The chief – Sejtkazina Nazym Kubajdullaevna

 She was born on September, 13th, 1969 in Birlik village of Zharma region of Semipalatinsk area. Kazakh by nationality. In 1986 has left secondary school «the Red banner». In 1990 has ended Semipalatinsk financial and economic technical school as an economist. In 2001 has ended Semipalatinsk University named by Muhtar Auezov as a bookkeeper and the auditor.

From 1991 till 1995 worked as the bookkeeper-cashier in collective farm "Бирлик", from 1995 till 1997 the group economist, from 1997 till 1998 the chief accountant in collective farm "Бирлик". From 1998 till 2006 the leading tax inspector managing sector, the chief of department of tax committee on Zharma region. Since 2006 the chief of department of economy and budgetary planning. Not married.

 The address: village Kalbatau Dostyk Street 105
 Days of reception: daily from 9-00 till 18-00 o'clock
 Phone: 8 (723 47) 65-392, 65-393, 65-394