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Противодействие религиозному экстремизму

Information about activities by the State Institution "Department of Internal Policy of Zharma region" in the period from January to June 2011

Department of Internal Policy of Zharma region according to an approved plan is carried out various socio-political and cultural events with the participation of public organizations.
Within the plan of events dedicated to 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan in January-February, held shares "This is my Asiada!" Family sports competition called "Asiada zharshysy."
In February, in the high school of Mayakovsky Kalbatau village held a meeting with participation of representatives’ youth, veterans of the war in Afghanistan and presented a concert for military patriotic themes.
February 23 held a joint meeting of the Board of Youth and Information and Analytical Center, which along with the question of the social survey, discussed problems of increasing of the public activity and patriotism of youth. The active members of youth organizations have been awarded grateful letters and cash prizes.
In 2544 the military unit organized a training seminar "On the dangers of drug and drug trafficking and human society," where specialists of internal policy, representatives of regional offices of National Security Committee, Medical Association № 1 gives explanations about the social dangers of this social evil and about measures taken for its prevention.
At the area created 4 regional advocacy group composed of 24 men and 44 rural districts consisting of 236 persons.
Members of the regional IPG in February and April were in administrative-territorial units to explain the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the people "build the future together," and promotion of work done in preparation for the 20th anniversary of Independence.
In honor of the holiday - International Women's Day celebration held many mothers, women the best workers of different areas, organized by the "Blue Light".
In sports camp "Meyirim" of Zhanaozen village held "Health Day" with the theme "Health of the Nation - the country's wealth", which attended about 500 people from government agencies, Administrative-territorial units.
March 19, at the regional center held celebrations "Төрлет, нұрлы Наурыз!" were invited veterans of labor and social activists.
For the 20th anniversary of Independence and the World Earth Day April 23 organized campaign "Zhasyl zhelek."
In this festival "Under the single shanyrak 'representatives from all administrative units were prepared and demonstrated traditions game national cuisine, songs and dances of different nationalities.
The festival participants took part in laying the avenue "Friendship". Activities on the Day of Unity of Peoples of Kazakhstan were shown on television, "Kazakhstan".
May 9, Victory Day, the events dedicated to 66th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War began with the laying of wreaths at the Monument of Glory. After a solemn meeting was held presentation of soldiers special forces, military dog handlers of 5511, the young karate, defile "Presidential Guard", the young drummers, "Army of the winners' high school students named Karelin Shar parade of soldiers and military units, veterans of the war in Afghanistan. For veterans was presented a concert organized by the "Field Kitchen" and "Blue Light".
On the same day in the village BatyrKapay opening of the monument to Hero of the Soviet Union Capay Iskakov, built on the initiative of Afghan war veterans.
May 23-24, cooperation with the regional branch of "Nur Otan" held regional forum of the youth wing. The regional forum of the family the best in the category "Exemplary family" recognized family of Kanapyanov Karasu rural district, which had been submitted for the competition department of internal policy.
May 30 is launched marathon relay, "Rise of the village - the flowering of Kazakhstan." At the ceremony, dedicated to this event were made by the participants and wished success to the marathon relay, deputy akim SM Brynzov, Head of Education department N. O. Espolov, commander of the unit labor Alisher Bolatuly.
May 31, in the regional center of various activities were performed on the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repression. At the meeting were Deputy akim SM Brynzov an honorary citizen of the region, the veteran Labour Zharmuhametov S., Chairman of the Board of Veterans S. Zhylkibaev, preschool teacher of high school Mayakovsky TV Davidenko, a priest the regional mosque A. Kayyrbaev . The representatives of the organizations and institutions laid a wreath at the monument to the victims of political repression.
According to the plan of activities devoted to 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the program "20 good deeds," a variety of events. From the beginning, the club was opened in the village Kyzylagash, children's playground and a children's garden "Altynai" in s.Kalbatau, a wrestling hall in the village Suykbulak, medical and rescue point in the city of Globe.
Within of shares of "Bow to the native land!" is scheduled 37 projects. Provided start-up pharmacy in the village Zhangiztobe, outdoor sports ground in Shuak, Youth House in Suykbulak, Trade Center in Auezov, improvement of the central park in the village, construction of public facilities in other administrative units.
At present is realized 9 projects. In particular, apart from medical and rescue points and a wrestling room in the village Suykbulak, a mini-incubator in Karasuskom rural district, katymhana, ossemeneniya points, slaughter areas in Karasu, Karatobinskom, Delbegeteyskom rural districts, grocery stores in Kapanbulak, Zharyk rural districts.