HCS and building

Information on the work performed in the 1st half of 2011, of the Department of housing and communal services public transport and roads of Zharma region

In the department for the 1st half 2011 were the following activities:
1. On the functioning of local motorways allocated Total 165 257 thousand tenge, utilized 148 299 thousand tenge.

Among them:

1. performed maintenance work bridges in the village and the village Үshbiik Sulusary;
2. in the village Kalbatau works on average repair on the street. Kabanbaya:
3. The ball being in maintenance work in the forecourt:
4. To ensure the functioning of water supply and sanitation services in communities of the district is allocated 103 502 thousand tenge and spent 54 241 tenge.

Among them:

1. water main capital repairs of "Akbuzau-Shar" section. Contractor - «SpetsPromKomplekt".
2. carried out maintenance work water supply in the Ushbiik, Belterek villages.
3. Street lighting is allocated 23 440 tenge and spent 12 419 tenge.

Among them:
1. performed work on the coverage of the main streets in the villages Birlik and Salkyntobe:
2. in Kalbatau are working on lighting the Kalmataeva, Mustanbaeva streets, is scheduled lighting Alimbetova Street:
4. Allocated for improvement 3 000 thousand tenge and spent 2423 tenge:
5. For sanitation Allocated 8296 thousand tenge, including mastered 7596 tenge:
6. For the individual categories of citizens with housing provided for 17 621 thousand tenge, including 72 thousand tenge mastered.
7. On intraregionalorganization of public passenger transport provided 755 thousand tenge, including 300 thousand tenge mastered (the route-Zharyk Kalbatau).
8. for the maintenance of burial grounds and burial of 300 thousand tenge homeless, the commercial 170 thousand tenge.