Public health services

Demographic indicators
Disease of the population

Information about social and economic development of the health care of Zharma region for the 1st half 2011

Healthcare of Zharma region represented by the following curative organizations: the Medical Association № 1, medical association № 2 Tuberculosis hospital, 12 outpatient clinics, 2 obstetric stations, 29 health posts, 10 medical personnel without spaces.

Every year a lot of attention is paid to costs at providing of guaranteed free medical care. In 2011, amounted to providing of guaranteed free medical care 575 736.0 thousand KZT.

In 2011, in August and September planned to get reanimobile for MA № 1 of Zharma region .
Today in the health care system employed 77 doctors, nurses 271. Doctors have: the highest qualification category - 9 people 21 people - first and the second - 4 persons. Of medium medical employees are: highest category - 28 people, first - 54 second - 46.

In April 2011, signed contracts with 2 pediatricians, 2 physicians, a nurse, and a doctor-intern preparing in 2011-2012 the expense of the region on a specialty - surgery.

Perspectives of development of health care of Zharma region

The main directions are: strengthening of maternal and child health, reform and development of primary care, provision of sanitary - epidemiological, cross-sectoral approach to protecting public health, quality improvement of medical services to the population, improving the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of socially significant diseases, improving systems health management, improve staffing.
Material - technical equipment and repair and provision with medicines and other health care activities will be implemented in accordance with the regional Development Programme of health care of EKR.