Maslikhat machinery

   The establishment address:the East Kazakhstan area Zharma region Kalbatau village Dostyk Street 105

The elective authority selected by population of the region, and expressing wishes of the population and according to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan defining the measures necessary for its realization, and supervising their realization.

Regional maslikhat carries out the activity on the basis of the Constitution of Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law of Republic Kazakhstan from January, 23rd, 2001 № 148 «About the local government and self-management in Republic Kazakhstan» and according to Regulations regional maslikhat.
On the elections which have passed on August, 18th, 2007 according to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «About elections in the Republic of Kazakhstan» 14 deputies are selected in Zharma regional maslikhat.

Carrying out of session of maslikhat, the work’s organization of the device both other procedural and organizational questions is defined by regulations of maslikhat.
Session – the basic form of activity of maslikhat. The secretary of the regional maslikhat and the device of maslikhat are responsible for the organization of preparation of session of the maslikhat, of questions submitted for session, coordinate activity of the constant commissions. In the device of maslikhat 5 civil servants, from them 1 chief of department, 3 main things and 1 leader of experts. Experts have training preparation in the regional center.
Session decisions of maslikhat are registered in judicial authorities, are entered into the register of standard legal acts according Law of Republic of Kazakhstan from March, 24th, 1998 № 213 «About standard legal acts».

The head - Espolov Nurlybek Ospanbekovich

He was born on April, 30th, 1951 in Georgievka village of Zharma region of Semipalatinsk area. Kazakh by nationality. Has higher education. In 1979 has arrived in N.K.Krupskaya teacher training college and has ended in 1984, speciality - the teacher of physical training. Labor activity started in 1968 at Boko high school of Zharma region. From 1970 till 1972 served to the Soviet Army. From 1972 till 1977 worked at Abai secondary school of Georgivka village. From 1977 till 1979 worked as the manager of a boarding school of Abai secondary school. From 1979 till 1987 taught Initial military preparation at Abai secondary school. From 1987 till 1989 the inspector on schools of department of education on Initial military preparation. From 1989 till 1990 the director of Pervomayskaya school. From 1990 till 1994 the inspector on schools of department of formation on Initial military preparation and to sports. From 1994 till 1995 the methodologist of regional department of education. From 1995 till 2009 the director of Akzhal high school. From November, 2009 till May, 2010 – Akim of Akzhal rural district. Since May, 20th, 2010 he is the chief of department of education of Zharma region.

Functionsare defined by article 19 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan from January, 23rd, 2001 № 148 «About the local government and self-management in the Republic of Kazakhstan»

Reception days:
weekly on Tuesdays from 14-00 o'clock till 17-00 o'clock
   Phone: 8(723 47) 65-637, 67-335

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