Information about the development of industry in 2011

10 large and medium-sized, 18 small and 17 subsidiary companies are represented the industry of the region.

The volume of industrial output for 2011 is expected to 5 billion 900 million KZT, which is 105% compared to 2010.
In the structure of industrial production, mining is 17%, the manufacturing industry is 73% and Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning is 8%, water supply, sanitation, control of waste management and remediation is 2%.

As compared to 2010 in the mining industry is expected to grow 12.5%, processing industry - 13% and electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning - 21%.

The manufacturing sector represents the TOO "Taskara", which specializes on processing of gold ore, the mining sector represents the  "Bakyrchik mining company"  LLP, "Cement Plant Families" LLP, "Semey zholdary" LLP that specialize in mining gold ore, limestone, clay, and porphyries .
The one of the large industrial enterprises are LLP "Kamkor - Lokomotiv", which specializes in repairing of wheel sets and locomotives and LLP "Kazinteretnos", which conducts geodetic and hydrographical - survey work in the fields. LLP "Georgievka pumping equipment factory" produces centrifugal pumps.

The city main enterprise of the region is TOO "Bakyrchik mining company" - venture with foreign capital participation.




The development of industry for 2010