Information about the results of agricultural development of Zharma district for the first half of 2011

In 2011, the cultivated area of crops amounted to 32.7 thousand hectares, or 114 per cent the previous year. Spring planting this year amounted to - 27.7 thousand hectares or 122 percent compared to last year, including: grain - 13.2 thousand ha, sunflower - 7.3 ha, potatoes - 0.4 ha, perennial grasses - 1.3 ha and annual grasses, 5, 5 thousand hectares.
On July 1, 2011 is listed in the 73.2 thousand head of cattle, 315.4 thousand head of sheep and goats, and 18.4 thousand head of horses, 0.77 thousand pigs and 70.4 thousand heads of birds.
During the reporting period produced 3 572.4 tons of meat and 24,417 tons of milk, 425.4 tons of wool and received 1 553.6 thousand eggs, compared to the analogical period of last year growth of production was as follows: meat-11% 1% milk, eggs, 3.6%. From the beginning of this year, received 25.4 thousand heads of calves, 120.1 thousand heads of lambs and goats and 3.9 per thousand heads of colts, or performance compared with last year was as follows: -103 calves, lambs and kids - 110 foals - 111 percent.
During the reporting period produced ​​agricultural production for the sum-2991, 6 million tenge, or in comparison with last year's index of gross agricultural production amounted to 104.2 percent.


Information about the preparations for the spring field works in for 2011

Sown area of agricultural enterprises area was 29.5 thousand hectares or 3% compared to last year. In 2010 it amounted to 28.6 thousand hectares of land. It is planned to increase the cultivated area of 11.0 hectares in water moisture-saving technology.